About Radio Suka-Suka

We are independent broadcaster/netcaster from Indonesia whom love music and have many collections of Indonesia music. We are not related to any major or indie labels.
This is our “open” project for our satisfaction and we never think to be commercial one.

Beginning first time, one of us with friends try to operate pirate FM Radio (Radio Metal 108 FM) in Bandar Lampung (1991) for 3 years. Maybe broadcasting world still living inside our blood, untill we find Internet is the best way (for this time) for streaming the sounds. Then we try to operate thie station, tjap Radio Bandoeng.
Because some reasons, We have to change the name from tjap Radio Bandoeng to Radio Suka-Suka.

Why we build this station???
We’d like to International listeners know about variety of Indonesia music that get improved every each time, from various genre, from Dangdut, Gambang Kromo, Pop, Orkes, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Disco, House Music, Oldies Song, R n’ B, Rap and Indie.
Yes, this is spend alot of our money, but its ok, we do it just for fun.
We think, this is our way to promote the good side of Indonesia because of We are Indonesian.

For now, because of our budget We only have server  in US.  And for the next plan, we will add new server in Indonesia for Indonesian People whom have limited bandwith.

Especially in indie labels, we would like to become a media to promote the songs that produced by itself, which related to indie labels.
We’re not distributed the songs, we only present their songs so people will know.

Maybe we will be only broadcast 100% indie songs for the future.